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                 hellahella       h
               hellahella          ell
            hellahella               ahe
         hellahella                  llah
       hellahellahella                ella
        hella      hella              hella
          !           hella            hella
                        hella         hellahel
                           hella       llahella
                             hella   hellahella
             he                   hellahella!
            hella           hellahellahella
       hella     hellahellahellahella    hella
     hella            hellahella            hella
    hella                                     hella
   hel                                          hella

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Imagine that instead of writing Pedagogy of the Oppressed Freire had written “Pedagogy of the Disenfranchised.” The first title utilizes a discourse that names the oppressor, whereas the second fails to do so. If you have an “oppressed,” you must have an “oppressor”. What would be the counterpart of disenfranchised? “Pedagogy of the Disenfranchised” dislodges the agent of the action while leaving in doubt who bears the responsibility for such action. This leaves the ground wide open for blaming the victim of disenfranchisement for his or her own disenfranchisement. This example is a clear case in which the object of oppression can also be understood as the subject of oppression. Language like this distorts reality.

—Donaldo Macedo, Introduction to Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire.
Liberals often like to examine the “individual” as the sole subject of understanding and thus fail to understand the social relations which make up society, instead reducing this to understanding individual ‘failings’ and ‘successes’ based on character, aptitude or effort. (via rosaluxmemeburg)


It certainly looks like I live on a farm but I don’t really. My neighbor has 23 goats, and 5 chickens. (There also happen to be wild turkey roaming around among other wildlife.) We help with wrangling and feeding sometimes but they aren’t ours.

The goats got out of the fenced in yard today, but I got some great pictures because of it. 

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nothing, however,  beats peeling off dried pva glue when it just like creates a mold of your finger or bottle nozzle or whatever and you can see every whorl and ridge thats good shit imo


Shane MacGowan, later of The Pogues, getting his his ear bitten by Jane Crockford, later of The Mo-dettes, at a Clash gig in 1976.
"…My God, they`re eating each other. These people are cannibals!…Can`t these Englishers afford sausages?…"
Red Saunders,  NME

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