I love the whole “there is a union of bosses!?!?!” like yeah, that’s capital, it recuperates everything it can find and renders all these old forms of organization useless

railerat asked: I have come to state my great appreciation for the Reptiloids, they are everything I have been hoping they were. I love it that not every sentient race is good with others or even cares about that.


most of the point of reptiloids is to highlight that the criteria for ‘intelligent’ species has been seriously broadened and that what we think of as society? isn’t necessarily in there. 

reptiloids use tools, have names, have language and display complex problem solving. that’s like, crows and most of the other great apes right there. the only thing those creatures lack that i gave the reptiloids was a simple written language. 

theyre not the only species like that in inhuman either :o in fact another one lives ….on…. contura

another one is hte herapods. they’re nicer but since they come from gas planets object permnance isnt really a thing they experience. so they dont have a written language so much as they do a FART LANGUAGE well okay not specifically farts but they do change the chemical composition of their nearby atmosphere to leave/send messages to other herapods who might drift into it. and that does involve passing the gasses through their digestive tracts.


Anonymous asked: I really love all of your posts about various media and in wondering what you think about the Alien franchise?


i’d need to rewatch the first and second to form a coherent opinion cuz i only recently watched the 3rd and wow that is a movie with some good parts and pieces that makes a big fucking mess trying to combine them

uneducated opinion: ripley fucking rules but vasquez got a raw fucking deal

The time is now: Many organizations and movements, including some that are explicitly anarchist, promise to challenge the powers that be as soon as the groundwork has been prepared; but the world is always changing, and one may lay a foundation only to discover that the terrain has shifted. Once one gets used to waiting, even if it is only a matter of needing to prepare a little more, it is always easier to go on waiting. Revolution, like parenthood and everything else momentous in life, is something one can never be adequately prepared for.
Often, this preparation is framed in terms of the need to do more outreach and education. But until there is a clash, until the lines are drawn, there is nothing to talk about. Most people tend to remain aloof from theoretical discussions, but when something is happening, when the stakes are high and they can see concrete differences between opposing sides, they will take a stand. In forcing such ruptures, one can compel those who hide authoritarian and capitalist allegiances to show their true colors, while offering everyone else the opportunity to form other allegiances.

—CrimethInc. (via insurrectionsociale)

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